It was a trip that was exciting to begin with, and ended bittersweet. It was one last tour for both Swedish House Mafia as well as one of my best friend, Adeline, who is going to leave for London next month.

For almost two years, we’ve been making frequent trips up to Kuala Lumpur, a 5 hour bus ride up from Singapore, to party with our friends. Usually, we just hang out indoors, and do the usual city stuff outdoors. This time, we were up to watch Swedish House Mafia at Sunway Lagoon as well. I was excited as hell because I live for raves — it’s where I can surrender my body, mind, and soul entirely to the beats.

Making our way deep into Sunway Lagoon, where the stage was.

It was quite a mess to get into the area. The floor was separated into two sections, and we had tickets to the party zone, which was the mosh pit of sorts — right in front of the stage. There were no clear indications of where the entrances to the party zone was, so we all ended up squashed at the barricade which sectioned off the party zone. Some of them jumped over the gate to get into the party zone, while Kieran and I did the civilised thing and made our way out of the crowd, and into the proper entrance by the extreme end. So we got separated that way, and we ended up raving in two groups.

The amazing trio.
The massive screensaver.
The massive screensaver.
Group one.
Group two.
More pretty visuals.
The view of Sunway Lagoon Hotel from our spot.
What’s a rave without lasers?
And it was pyrotechnics, and goodbye.

The Swedish House Mafia gig was great because they had great songs. Not because they were good DJs. And I don’t really identify techno music according to the different songs. Raves are just one very, very long song from start to the end for me.

I can’t help but pit every rave to Tiesto’s, and no one even comes close. He knows how to use his tunes, and rearrange it to bring the crowd up and up, harder and harder, and then exploding it into drops that deliver multiple orgasmic climaxes throughout the whole session.

And what’s a rave without people taking photos with passed out drunks?

There wasn’t much to rave about the rave, but I had a great, sweaty time. And I’m glad that I caught them before they called it quits. But I have a feeling that this won’t be the last of them.

And on to the second part of the trip… It was home party time!

Da bao-ed dinner from OK Restaurant.
PJ party.
Love waking up to this bunch.
The view that will always bring back the many, many lovely memories spent at Bintang.

So very glad to have this bunch of friends.

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