We had to wait a whole year for this. We bought early bird tickets right after Wonderfruit 2017 ended, and while a whole lot has happened since then, we made it. We managed to put our busy lives on hold to be with each other, laugh, dance, and enjoy life together.

This trip was extra extra special because I finally got to be with my closest friends after 4 months abroad. Everything is just that much more enjoyable with good company. Even the horrendous, torturous, pretentious Waldorf Project which forced everyone at the festival to participate in a boring, confusing, hour-long experiment didn’t stop us from laughing at how awful it was. Well, it was funny for a while. Then we got really pissed off.

With the lowest point of the festival of the way, I’ll recap some of the many highlights of the event.


First time in a glamp! It was super comfy. Being able to stand upright in it is such a luxury.

The first day was HOT HOT HOT. I wasn’t prepared for how intense the heat could get. I stuck through with my auntie ways and hid under the umbrella to remain sane. Those who didn’t got slightly burnt.

Roamed the festival grounds with big smiles despite the sizzling heat.

Found some good Thai spicy chicken noodles but wished there were more local stalls and less hipster stuff like fast food trucks and expensive acai bowls.

Fruits for the day!

It was nice to light up people’s faces as we wandered around the festival grounds. Especially the kids, who looked SO HAPPY to see some kid-friendly entertainment.

Chickens in fruit salad. A strange combination indeed.
Fruit gang meets glitter gang.
Tired but trying to pay attention during this herb massage class.
A soap making class that took longer and was more complicated than we expected.
Hey Val!


I knew 2 acts before I arrived, and left with a few more favourites. Love discovering acts at festivals! Funk seemed to be a running theme this year, as many DJs played happy, upbeat sets. I usually prefer deep, dark beats at raves, but this was very refreshing and I couldn’t stop dancing and smiling throughout.

Crussen made everyone so very happy with his music.

So much love for Crussen!!! Best sunrise set of my life. I loved every bit of the music, vibe, and venue. They all came together to create one very special moment. Where every one was just there to feel the music, let it move their bodies, and smile at the wonder and magic of it all.

Catsoncrack played a bloody good set as well, and I was too busy dancing and beaming with pride at this homegrown DJ to take photos. She’s the only one I know who can blend so many crazy styles together without it sounding too jarring. She keeps the crowd attentive, drawing them in with interesting mixes and re-energizing them with each unexpected progression.

Nightmares on Wax

I knew Nightmares on Wax for his down tempo tracks, and was pleasantly surprised at his funky set, which put us in a really really good party mood!

Another act I really enjoyed is Lord Echo, a New Zealander producer who brought a live band with him, including one soulful female vocalist.

No pictures of Lord Echo, but here’s an expressive doggie and a couple of puppets who were dancing with us during the set.


Architecture & interiors

Part tribal, part gypsy, and part hippie, the structures at Wonderfruit were fascinating! While their architecture is best appreciated in the day, I felt that they were designed to look better at night, when the dimness masked the rough edges of its raw workmanship, and the entire structure is lit up brilliantly.

So simple, yet magnificent and modern.
The Solar Stage, where we danced for with Crussen for 4 hours straight.
In love with the Bedouin-style interiors.
Neramit hut, where Cats on Crack had a cosy little corner to spin for her gathering of Singaporean fans.
The Forbidden Fruit, which we nicknamed the bird nest stage.
The Bath House made the scorching afternoons bearable as it offered shade, and a place to lounge and take a nice cold dip into the waters.
No festival is complete without colourful flags…
Different workshops were held at each hut, and as they were so close to each other, it was very distracting.
The Polygon is a circular venue that’s brilliantly equipped with surround sound, so you can get the full audio experience anywhere on the dance floor.

And that’s a wrap! It’s been truly wonderful…


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