I’m not a foodie. I can enjoy the occasional fancy meal, but I generally like my food unpretentious, and full of punchy flavours. A good crispy prata with fish curry hits all the right spots for me, and I was never interested in eating at famous restaurants.

So when I agreed to take on Gaggan‘s SGD300 dinner in Bangkok, I was sure that I was paying for the hype, convinced that I would walk away feeling like the meal wasn’t worth that much.


So I went in with zero expectations, and was totally blown away by the experience that this 2 Michelin star restaurant delivered. Now I finally know what the fuss is about, and why it has topped the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for the fourth year running.

koh rong samloem cambodia

One thing I really like about this place is that it’s really fun and playful. The vibe wasn’t the pretentious posh fine dining sort. Even the 25-course menu came in an emoji format. No explanations, just a playful clue. A big part of the experience is actually guessing what we were eating because many dishes tasted nothing like it looked!

The famous yogurt explosion, which burst and woke every cell in your mouth.
Foie gras, mango, chili sauce dish that came with a KISS soundtrack that screamed, “LICK IT UP, LICK IT UP!”
The most scrumptious goat’s cheese (not pungent at all) on some form of Ghevar rice cake.

Top left: Samosa with chickpea curry.
Top right: Sambar curry foam on some funky thing made to taste like idly rice cake.
Bottom right: Spicy chutney encapsulated in a white chocolate egg, which was delightful to consume as it cracked and burst in the mouth.
Bottom left: Eggplant cookie sandwiched in onion chutney.

So far, every dish was met with exclamations of OMG! & MMMM!!! around the table. I was completely floored by the thought, effort, and ingenuity in each little dish.

Asparagus ice cream in white chocolate. I think this one’s my favourite of the lot as it combined completely polarising concepts into one unexpectedly delectably life-changing dish.

Top left: Uni with green apple paste.
Top right: Tuna belly sushi. Not with rice, but dashi meringe!
Bottom right: We continued to be baffled, amused, and tickled by the strangest-looking som tam (Thai green papaya salad) we’ve ever seen.
Bottom left: Pretty little innocent ball filled with goat brain, which was turned into a yummy paste.


Top left: Prawn Balchão (Goan seafood dish)
Top right: Corn soup (brewed with corn husk) with quail meat. This one packed a big umami punch, and coupled with the meat’s charred, smoky fragrance, it was just heavenly.
Bottom right: Pork Vindaloo (curry dish) in a dumpling.
Bottom left: Just the best lamb chop I’ve had. Tender, juicy, perfectly seared…

This cold coconut scallop curry was also the bomb.
The Death Star contained basmati rice and porcini mushroom curry.

We were already filled up and utterly shook by the many incredible dishes, so when the four dessert dishes came, we felt that it couldn’t really sustain the high notes. They were great, but not mind-altering.

Other than that, this was hands-down the best meal I’ve had. So glad we decided to squeeze this in before Wonderfruit!

Especially for obliging us with small talk and a photo even though he was clearly tired from hosting a high-energy chef’s table meal that night.

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