Rivierenhof park in Antwerp

I’ve been in and out of Antwerp for almost 2 months, and I don’t have a single post on it! Shame on me. But it’s also mainly because we just do normal family stuff here — birthday parties, simple meals out, shopping, and running errands. But today, mum…

Rock Werchter & Leuven

The great thing about Singapore is that you meet people from all over the world there. Pietr is a friend whom I met back home who grew up in Leuven, a town that’s 30km from Brussels. And as soon as we learned that we’d both be in Belgium this…

Recalling Tomorrow

I wish I could say that Tomorrowland in Belgium was the biggest and best music festival I’ve ever been to. I also wish that statement didn’t cost €272.02. Of course I had heaps of fun. But the heap was not as high as I expected. It was the…

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