It’s oh so quiet in Hualien (花蓮)

Sometimes you fall in love with a place not because of what it has, but also because of what it lacks. Hualien doesn’t have Taipei’s shopping or Cingjing’s grandeur. It’s just an underdeveloped sleepy coastal town with locals going about their own business. And I love that. The roads…

6 things I loved about Cingjing (清境)

There’s so much more to Cingjing than its famous Green Green Grassland farm. In fact, that was my least favourite spot as it’s crowded and touristy. I’ve read about people coming to this area from Taipei just for a day trip, but that’s a real pity because this…

A Day in Taichung (台中)

With my parents in tow, I had to approach this trip with a different mindset. Comfort, convenience, and good food had to come before frugality, places off the beaten track, and long distances on foot. Researching and planning for this trip was also more challenging than I had…

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