It all began with Brad Pitt.

Jessica Seet, former radio DJ and founder of voice coaching company Art of Voice, was fortunate enough to have him hanging around the office every day, and Braddie would treat the space as his own catwalk, charming the pants off anyone who crossed his path.

Jessica Seet with Brad Pitt in The Cat Museum
Jessica with Brad Pitt

“If we were to have cats around the office, why not have some fun with naming them!” Jessica says with a chuckle. Besides Brad Pitt, Jessica now also counts Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston as some of her famous friends. Most of them are rescued cats, and fueled by her passion for educating the public about animal welfare, Jessica recently took a huge leap of faith and set up the self-funded Lion Kitty City, Singapore’s first cat museum.

Located within a heritage shophouse on Purvis Street, The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion is dissected into three floors, each with a different experience.

Level 2: The museum

The space is adorned with feline-themed art works which are donated by artists from around the globe (most of the pieces are for sale, and the proceeds will be split between Cat Welfare Society and Lion City Kitty), as well as exhibits that celebrate touching tales of the special bond between cats and their humans. And from January onwards, this floor will also be where all the kittens will be housed, and visitors can pop by between 12-2pm for some kitten therapy!

Level 3: The Muses

This is where the public can get to know the muses — rescued cats who are all up for adoption. Working in collaboration with the Cat Welfare Society, a maximum of 9 cats will be roaming around this entire floor freely at any one time, and visitors can feel free to cuddle (gently please!), test their agility skills with the many toys lying around, or snap photographs of the lazier ones. This is pretty much a win-win situation for both the humans and cats as the furkids learn to socialise better with humans in a simulated home environment while the humans gush and squeal and play with them.

It also brings me immense joy to learn that many of the cats have been adopted since Lion City Kitty opened its doors to sneak peeks!


Singapore cat museum

Let's hope they reach their target!
Let’s hope they reach their target!

Level 4: The Mansion

This is where Jessica’s 9 resident superstar cats reside. These pampered cats may not be as rambunctious as the younger ones on the floor below, but they will gratefully incline their chins towards you if you when you give them a good old scratch on the head.

Singapore cat museum Lion City Kitty
Jennifer Aniston aka JenJen
Singapore cat museum
Prince Harry, the cat museum’s cross-eyed mascot.
Singapore cat museum
Julia Roberts
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
Singapore cat museum
Angelia Jolie
Singapore cat museum
Sarah Jessica Parker

Lion City Kitty officially opens on January 9.

Opening hours (from January 10 onwards): Friday to Sunday, 2-9 pm
Entrance fee: S$9 (free for kids aged 6 & below) for an unlimited time on the day itself

Visit The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion Facebook page to get updates on their kitties!

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